Lux is Light – there could not be a simpler, yet more powerful message behind Inedi’s 2013 photo shoot campaign for Lux* Resorts. Light as in “sunLight”, but Light as in “Light-hearted” and “Light-footed” too: a fresh and bright addition to the luxury industry. Because Luxury is sometimes overrated – but fun never is !

Inedi and the photographer Jean Bernard Adoue offered to bring life and light to Lux* hotels, by integrating bursts, glitters and rays of light in their ‘experience’ pictures. These stolen moments would emphasize emotions through close-ups and tight framing, mirroring the identity of the brand – an authentic celebration of island life. Because at Lux*, each moment matters! Miles were travelled, smiles were exchanged and aspirational photos were shot… A perfect journey into authenticity – island-style. A total of 44 shooting days spread over 5 months… Can you imagine the hours – no, days! – of fun in the tropics?

“Miles were travelled, smiles were exchanged, and aspirational photos were shot…”

A bunch of beautiful people could be spotted on the South Ari Atoll. Li Bing from Beijing, Francis from New-York, and Sara and Greg from South Africa crossed the oceans for the Maldivian photo shoot… Luckily, jet lag disappeared as soon as they landed in paradise! Li Bing and Francis having heaps of fun! Who could blame them: crystal clear waters, perfect weather…

The Making Of

Pack your bags, and join us for an epic trip to the Indian Ocean! We will be travelling around the gorgeous islands of Mauritius, Maldives and Reunions. We will sip Mai Tais, swim in turquoise water, taste luscious tropical fruits, and sometimes – sometimes – get a little work done…

Our very own Fab, Inedi’s Creative Director, posing for the camera… He looks quite happy!

Jean Bernard Adoue, our world-class photographer, never misses the perfect shot.

Photos were not just a façade… Models and team members had a blast!

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