Our mission was to establish Duniye Spa as the ultimate reference in the Indian Ocean Region and beyond, as well as to create a stronger connection with the guest beyond their stay at the spa.

The name Duniye derives from Dhivehi, the language of the Maldives, and it refers to the word “Universe”. Duniye Spa currently operates 10 spas in Maldives and 2 in Seychelles (awesome locations!).

Inedi has been chosen to refresh Duniye Spa’s identity. So we decided: let’s have fun and play with beautiful ideas and words. It was indeed one of the best work sessions we’ve had, given that we are really into the “well-being” thing.

How we diagnosed the brand

We listed all the assets of the brand, from its name to its unique approach to well-being and regional presence. After benchmarking Spa groups and Destinations spas around the world, we established a vision, a mission and a set of values. Finally, using a number of identity markers, we came up with a specific brand positioning for Duniye Spa.

The identity markers and brand positioning helped our graphic designer to create a wonderful set of collaterals: appointment cards, gift vouchers and spa menus among other items.

“Duniye refers to the Dhivehi word for Universe.”

A new tagline emerged from their work: “Awaken Body and Soul”, which creatively translates the central idea of the blossoming lotus flower. Our aim was to invite the guests to experience a blend of different beauty rituals, flavours, smells and colours that would reveal their inner beauty. The caring touch of skilled therapists would complement the offer by connecting the client to nature’s healing powers. Duniye Spa awakens your Inner and Outter Selves!

So, how do these beautiful yet slightly esoteric concepts translate from a creative perspective? Well, we chose to refresh the logo with a warm gray and introduce earthy elements such as lotus flowers and loose powder, evoking the spa connection to planet Earth.

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