Inedi was appointed by the VLH Group to create an umbrella brand for Heritage Resorts. More than a up-market brand with international prospects, Heritage Resorts epitomized for us the idea of authenticity and diversity. Therefore, we strove to communicate about the 2,500 acres of Heritage experience: a property including 2 hotels (Le Telfair and Awali), villas, spas, a golf course, the C Beach Club, the Château de Bel Ombre and Nature reserve Frederica.

“Heritage is a word full of meanings, for behind each destination… there is a nation, a people and a culture.”

We drove all the way to the stunning South of Mauritius for a 8-days photo shoot of Heritage Resorts illustrating the concept “L’essentiel tout simplement” (Simply Essential).

At Inedi, we believe that it is the simple pleasures that make your resort experience a genuine adventure: stand-up paddle on a crystal-clear lagoon, an exotic cocktail at sunset, the taste of melting chocolate… After all, what you remember is not so much the scenery but how it made you feel. The photographs of Jean Bernard Adoue have captured these stolen moments. They reveal a communion between the guests and the country, as well as the importance of going to the heart of things – to what really matters. We mostly wanted to avoid clichéd shots in order to trigger genuine feelings and awaken your senses…!

We take you behind the scenes of the photoshoot.

The team loved the elegant atmosphere, sublime views and unbridled sense of freedom!

The rich tapestry of cultures in Mauritius provides the perfect backdrop for a stunning photoshoot : midway between Africa and Asia, French models Cissia Schippers and Renaud Haas tasted luscious local specialities… and even the local beer!

Mathiew de Spéville, Brand Manager of the VLH Group, doing the barman for an evening!

A few hours later…

Fab from Inedi, Mathiew and Renaud looking like they’re ready for a serious business meeting.

Onstage versus offstage: different pictures, same fun.

Follow South African models Donnet Dumas and Dale Jackson from Ice Models Management into Le Château de Bel Ombre, a 18th century bonanza at the heart of the Heritage Resorts estate.

Colours, light, and scenery all contribute to the liveliness of this portfolio and the strong emotions it conveys. Because what matters is not only where you are, but how you feel at that moment in time…



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