If you thought Mauritius was a tiny island (albeit a truly cosmopolitan one!) well you might think twice because Rodrigues is even smaller. This wild little rock in the Indian Ocean is home to a few stunning resorts and boutique hotels – including Tekoma. And we were lucky enough to work with them!


The Trimetys Group, with whom we have worked many times in the past, appointed us to brand its new pearl in the Indian Ocean: Tekoma Boutique Hotel. Located in Anse Ally, in the South of Rodrigues, Tekoma is an intimate and exclusive haven of peace.

We have devised a concept based on nature and sea, the obvious choice for a place blessed with such an incredible surrounding. The dreamy and electric colours we have picked for the visual identity – turquoise, green, and grey – allude to the breathtaking views on the lagoon from the verdant hills of the island. They also mirror the rustic feel of Tekoma’s interior design.


Our branding is based on a simple yet memorable graphic element: flowing lines reminiscent of a tree in the wind or a weightless algae.


The backbone of our logo is the letter K, which we designed with great panache for each of its different uses: teKoma, the teK Tropical Dining and the KreeK Beach House.

Virginie Tennant, the fantastic photographer that we recently interviewed, decorated the hotel rooms with her magic pictures of Rodrigues.

She admittedly woke up at dawn and waited for hours in the middle of fields to get the perfect shots!


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