A simple yet effective way for hotels to reveal their latest activities and features is to create trendy online videos for their partners. Lux* Resorts trusted Inedi with its eight new “Reasons to Go”: short B2B videos aimed at unveiling what is new at its hotels, while convincing you to try it out for yourself!

You haven’t really communicated about your brand until you have communicated digitally, and one of the most inspirational media remains the video. Videos gracefully combine sound, images and message, and they’re very good at keeping your attention.


We created Reasons to Go for individual hotels (Merville, Tamassa, Belle-Mare and Reunion) as well as transversal videos for the group’s legendary services such as Lux* Valet, the Island Kitchen and the fun Flyboard. You will also discover the charms of floating dining at Lux* Grand Gaube… But we won’t tell you more! Just take a look at our work below.

The videos were sent to tour operators and partners, but they also have been posted on Lux* Resorts Youtube channel.


Inedi is specialized in affordable, high-quality videos, and we deliver in record time. Get in touch if you wish to learn more about our digital offer! 

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