48 hours to lay out a communication strategy sounds like Mission Impossible… But it’s not, and it’s actually the concept behind our brand new offer, the Immersive Flash Concept, developed in partnership with our sister agency OXO.

But first, here’s what we’ve learnt after 17 years on the field:

What clients hope they can achieve: Briefing the agency and receiving a proposal (very soon).

What really happens (often): Brainstorming about a communication plan can drag on forever because idea-generation is an infinite process. There will always be room for another, better, idea (at least from the standpoint of creative people).

And then came the Immersive Flash Concept…

When you learn Spanish, the best thing you can do is to move to Madrid – literally. In the same way, you can get a feel for a hotel from a Power Point presentation, but nothing beats the real experience. And that’s why we now offer a “Flash Diagnostic” after a 48-hour full immersion into your establishment.

On Day 1, our marketing and artistic directors tour the site and carry some desk-research. They also organise workshops with customers and members of the senior management and communication team in order to understand the targets, the USPs and the pricings.

On Day 2, we unload our creative task force and the team works on strategic and creative leads until 4pm, right in time for the final brief with the hotel’s steering committee.

We experimented our Immersive Flash Concept with business hotel Voilà Bagatelle and it was a blazing success. Our two-day trip on-site allowed us to grasp the hotel’s DNA and get a good sense of its main assets. Just have a look at the result below!

Sounds useful and fun? Email us and let’s discuss:

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