Using our collection of stunning superimposition of black and white photos and coloured powder, we designed 3 new brochures for VLH’s Seven Colours Spa: one for Heritage Le Telfair, one for Heritage Awali and one for Veranda Resorts.


Conceptualized as a daily diary at a spa retreat, the Heritage Resorts brochures recommend various activities for each day of the week – spanning from aromatherapeutic massages to Golfer Menu and kids treatments. Day 7 (our favourite!) even suggests you add to the mix some amazing wellness activities such as Tai Chi and yoga classes, chakra tests, relaxation courses and outdoor training. We love it!

Each day has a new tagline starting with “Wellness come with…”. But of course, as Day 7 reminds us, “Wellness comes with you!”

And in bonus, we included a superuseful Chakra guide detailing all the attributes of each chakra. For instance, the crown chakra is traditionally associated with inner light and empathy, as well as the colour purple. As you may know, we have 7 chakras in our body, and the 7 colours of the spa are directly inspired by them!


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