Inedi is proud to be a one-stop-shop where you can find experts in pretty much every aspect of communication. Content management has become one of our main specialities over the years, and it also happens to be a major asset for our clients in the hospitality industry.

Case Study: U News

Our colleagues in the editorial team have created a newsletter entitled “U-News” for two Leading Hotels of the World: Constance Le Prince Maurice and Constance Halaveli. They also developed it for Constance Belle-Mare Plage. Almost every aspect of the newsletter is taken care of, from information-gathering to writing and translation, layout, proofing, print management and advertising sales. Twice a year, we print the 18-page newsletters providing guests with useful information about the hotel’s facilities, activities and culinary experiences. As for the advertisers, they achieve high visibility in U News since the magazine is freely available in all the hotel rooms.

We encourage our clients to publish a newsletter because we believe it’s an easy and pleasant tool to convey information, especially when photos and illustrations are carefully selected and the writing is more lively than in a standard brochure for example. If you would like to know more about our newsletter offers, please send us an email:

Did you know? We also do magazines!

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